The Game

Here at the PPL we play No Limit Texas Hold 'Em. The official rules for which can be found here.

As mentioned on the homepage there is 1 game a month and the buy-in is £10 with 1 re-buy per player. There are no add-ons.

Pocket QueensThe starting stack will depend on the number of players but is usually 5k chips.

The first blind level is always 30 minutes and they subsequently go up every 20 minutes afterwards. The re-buy period stops at the end of level 4.

The third place finisher gets 1 point, 2nd place gets 2 points and £20, and the winner gets 3 points along with the rest of the cash pot.

At the end of the season the overall winner will receive the coveted PPL Trophy.


In addition to the main game we also run a cash game after the main game has finished (or sometimes simultaneously for those players that have been knocked out).